To Glen and the Creative Design Construction Family:

I would like to start off by sharing what this house means to us. It’s a symbol of love, family, respect, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, morale, family values, and commitment. My parents purchased this house 25 + years ago after only being in this country for 3 years with limited English. They worked hard and sacrificed everything they had, even time spent with me to have a place they can call “home” and not have to deal with the abuse, disrespect and manipulation they’ve endured from ruthless landlords. In that house, throughout the years my parents taught me what it means to preserve what you have, work hard, play harder. Now that I have my own family, Raul and I are able to instill that in our children, share our family values, and continue the memories in the home that we hope can be passed on through generations with the amazing transformation creative design construction has provided us.

It was a hard and longer than expected process for us. We were displaced from our home, separated between states, and in 2 homes for sometime, and now reunited in our brand new beautiful home! It’s amazing how an old home, that was so dark, dated, and divided is now so open, airy, warm and inviting! Thank you Glen for your vision, for believing that the amount work needed was possible, for trusting us, and making sure we were HAPPY and mostly importantly LOVE our home!

Despite the frustrations, ups and downs, and wondering if we made the right decision in terms of renovating the house, the final product confirmed we made the right decision to fix the house and select creative design as the company to make it happen. Although an overwhelming process, it was amazing experience to watch the house undergo multiple phases leading to the final perfect home for us. We learned so much, and truly appreciate the time spent to teach and share your knowledge with us along the way.

Thank you to the creative design construction family, each individual’s participation big or small essentially contributed to the brand new gorgeous home we have. Special thanks to Sarah, for being so receptive to us from the beginning. Your very polite and respectful, we appreciate you listening to our concerns, guiding us through the process, offering great advice with selections, preparing the models, and your overall patience to deal with us especially while we were in Florida.
We truly appreciate you reminding us how important it is to get something we will be happy with and love! Good luck on your wedding! Congratulations!

Hairo rocks! Extremely patient, kind, respectful, very sincere, loyal, and has a good heart! He is a huge reflection of the company. Very knowledgeable and genuine. He’s very personable, funny, never seems stressed. Thank you for being our “punching bag”. Lol. During the times our frustrations have peeked Hairo was able to calm us down, put us at ease, and find a resolution. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to educate us, inform us, advise us, and offering your personal opinion with our best interest at heart. Thank you so much for treating us like family! Hairo, Willy says he is waiting for you. lol

Joanne, I with met once, Thank god she chimed in at the right time! Thank you for your energy, excitement and willingness to work with Sara on the kitchen back splash in helping us find something we will love for a long time!

Grandpa Glen! Lol … There is so much to say about you but we”ll keep it short!
You’ve said were like family so Thank you for providing that comfort. After meeting with you for the first time Raul had a good feeling about selecting your company. I wasn’t so sure, I just wanted the job done by someone reliable. Despite some of our differences, if we had another opportunity to do something like this again we would without a doubt choose creative design construction as the company of choice.
Glen you have been very respectful throughout this entire process, we appreciate you listening to our concerns, and making adjustments as needed. We truly appreciate your fairness, flexibility, and willingness to work with us financially as well.


Tatiana J & Raul G.

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