You will be very happy if you use Creative Design for your next remodel!

There are four areas I would rank Creative Design as Excellent. 

Communication, Professionalism, Attention to Detail, Follow up.

My wife and I were very thankful that we chose Creative Design to do the renovation.  James, our remodeling consultant, was outstanding!  He was available by phone, text or email and answered all of our questions throughout the whole renovation.  Creative’s team was polite, professional, considerate and clean.  Hairo was the Project Manager.  Many times I observed him and his crew fussing over the smallest details late in the day when I know many other contractors would have already packed up their tools.  He often wanted to stay later to discuss tiny details with my wife and I. Hairo and his team are the best!

After the renovation was complete, there were minor issues with the cabinet doors and drawers.  Creative Design had no reservations about calling the manufacturer to see what can be done.  They fixed all issues even though the issues were from the manufacturer.  Creative’s follow up is excellent.  My wife and I were very impressed how much time they spend AFTER the remodel was complete making sure everything is perfect.  Anything that was slightly off was fixed to make it perfect.

Another huge positive about Creative Design is they will tell you if something will not look good, or you may get tired of the look, and provide a better option.  We welcomed James challenging us on design choices.  His push-back was evidence that his team remained engaged throughout the entire renovation.  Being required to make so many decisions gave us selection fatigue. By the end of the renovation, my wife and I were checked out on making tiny decisions.  The Creative Team, meeting every Friday to discuss ongoing projects, weighed in on every detail and we would hear about the consensus Monday morning.  This kept our choices consistent and tasteful. 

Overall, we are very happy with our renovation and highly recommend Creative Design!  If you use Creative Design for your renovation you will be very happy with the result!


Steven & Cara R.

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