“Years ago we purchased a house that was not our dream home, yet we felt it had great potential. In different phases over the years, Creative Design has performed various renovations and has indeed created a lovely home for us inside and out.

What impressed us the most was having someone listen intently to our desires and develop a design befitting of our needs, as well as our budget. Creative Design’s idea of a “big picture” approach resulted in different phases of construction over time allowing for growth as our family grew and our needs and priorities changed. The creativity and innovative solutions made our house both beautiful and functional.

When it came time to renovate our kitchen, we visited the Creative Design showroom and together with the insightful designer had seemingly effortlessly picked out our dream kitchen. We were truly amazed at how easy it was to make decisions about such a major renovation when we viewed all the displays offered at the showroom.

We were really able to procure a visual image of our “new” kitchen. Being two working parents of small children, we certainly appreciate such a novelty! Considering the fact we have worked with Creative Design many times in the past, have the utmost confidence in their ability, as well as the attention expended to every minute detail, we felt totally comfortable giving them carte blanche with respect to the design of our kitchen.

Undertaking each different renovation and addition was a monumental decision for us. Bravo to Creative Design for your creativity, your professionalism, and your trustworthiness! These wonderful traits have given us the comfort level we required to move forward with each and every project. We look forward to working together again in the future!”

Michael & Tina F.

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