“As the owner of your own business, I realize that you cannot possibly be everywhere all the time so I just wanted to be your eyes and ears for a minute to let you know about your Lead Carpenter.

From the first minute he stepped foot in our home, he treated it as if it were his own home. Everyone on your team was courteous but he took a personal interest in our project including checking up on things over the weekend to make sure all was well and to keep us continuously updated on any work or schedule changes. He was always aware of what was happening and he was always pleasant and smiling. The people that he worked with on the job knew what was expected of them and thanks to the Lead Carpenter , always knew what was going on.

Even when we were on vacation in the middle of the project, I knew that our home was in capable hands and there was never a time that he was unreachable. He kept us updated and contacted us if there were any questions that the crew had. All this combined with his attention to detail and craftsmanship makes him one of a kind. There are two specific instances that I would like to share with you:

One day towards the end of the project, he did not realize that I was listening and was talking out loud to himself and was concerned that the porta-potty was costing your company money and was not being used. The second instance was when he was reminding another, newer Creative employee that when you are in a “Creative” shirt, you represent every aspect of the company and always need to put your best foot forward.

As a businessman, I know the value of a good employee. I would do anything to have an employee like him on my team every day and he should be commended for a job well done.”

Marc P.

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