I wanted to reach out to commend Dan on the work he did over the past months. From the day he stepped onsite, he was an absolute pro. Over the course of the project, I watched him work and manage the crew, and he did it so professionally and courteously. I was really impressed with how meticulous he was in every little item- it was as important to him to make it right as it was to us. He clearly takes pride in the work he does, and it shows through in the level of detail.

I think the thing that impressed me the most is that he leads with Yes. There wasn’t a request I had or a question I asked that he didn’t come back with a “we can do that”  or a “not a problem”. That attitude is so appreciated, and aside from the quality of work that Creative clearly does, his positive approach makes all the different between a great client experience and just a good one.

More broadly, everyone who worked here in the house was just great. They were friendly and helpful, and clearly enjoyed the work they were doing. As painful as the overall process was, your team worked hard to make it as comfortable as possible for our family.

Bottom line-Dan is a rock star. Please be sure he knows how much we appreciate his efforts!


Joel R.


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