It’s crazy to sit here and think about the fact that our search for the right design build team started on Houzz and here I am reviewing the final project. In doing my research it became clear very early that Creative Design Construction was the cream of the crop. Between the testimonial and reviews to the photos of the beautiful work, it was clear that I needed to see if they were the real deal. In our pre-planning, we visited tile, plumbing, furniture and cabinetry stores we have known in the area for some time. The kind of places with stellar reputations and decades of experience with all types of industry professionals. Inevitably they would ask who we were working with. When we said “We are thinking about Creative Design Construction.” the unanimous response was “Oh, They’re the best.”.

With that info I called and set up an appointment. The night Glen arrived at the door he stepped in and immediately took off his shoes as to not track dirt into the house. That level of respect for our less-than-updated entrance immediately showed me me a little something about who he is. He listened as we presented our vision for our project. He listened, looked around and asked relevant questions. He immediately identified a way to meet our goals in a way that would save us about $75,000. I was sold. We committed to phase 1 and put the team to work drawing up plans.

At our second meeting, we were in love with the the ideas Glen showed us. He gave us options with multiple architectural drawings. Clearly the design portion of this project was moving swiftly and the target budget was becoming clearer. By the end of the meeting we had a direction and we moved on to the next phase.

It was at this point that things really picked up steam. In this phase we got to see the first 3-D computer renderings of what our project could look like. I’ve watched a lot of HGTV and seen a lot of computerized mockups but these were particular detailed. (I attached one with a matching pic of the finished work below) It really helped us see what our house could be. We received a final proposal with a recommended budget, stage completion dates and a breakdown of payments that was fair and reasonable. We agreed, and we were off.

The amazing thing about day one of construction was this feeling of “It’s been too easy up till now. The design, the permits, the sourcing of materials. Is this where the train goes off the tracks?” With that, Glen, Mike (our project supervisor) and Luis (our on site manager and lead carpenter) showed up, gave us their contact info (office, and cell) and we were off. We were very pleased with professionalism and competence of the few people we had met at Creative up until this point. Now the big guns were coming in.

As the weeks passed (ours was a 10 week project) we met dozens of people on the Creative team. To a man they were all spectacular. They were pleasant, respectful, competent, professional and punctual (We had people working at the house every day of our project). They were exactly the type of people we would have chosen if we wanted to start our own design build firm. But that is the magic. Do it great and make it look easy. Whatever problem arose (I’m sure were some because we basically tore our house apart and rebuilt it) they took care of it. More over they were ON SCHEDULE AND HIT THE BUDGET TO THE PENNY!!!!!!!!!
Unbelievable! I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t live it. And the end result? Amazing! Beyond what we could have hoped for. Every detail thought through and executed magnificently. Our choices were challenged just enough to get us to think of options but well with in our comfort zone. The result was exactly what we hoped for. I held off for a few months in writing this review as I really wanted to live in it before I signed off. But boy, it gets better every day.

At this point it is clear we loved the experience and the quality of the project. We would clearly tell everyone we know that Creative Design Construction should be their first and only call. They are not the lowest price but when you factor in all they provide they are by far the BEST VALUE. Not to mention the lowest stress major construction project I have ever heard of.

If I wrapped up here you would only have part of the story. Yes, this review is from a satisfied customer. And yes, there are other firms that have satisfied customers. But no other firm I have ever heard of went above and beyond with class, professionalism and friendship like Glen and his team.

My children know the team by first name and smile when they see Glen or Luis or any of the spectacular support staff at the office. The way the Creative people went out of their way not only to do their job but be friendly to our family is above and beyond. Towards the beginning of the project I lost my father. The people at Creative sent us in dinner. They had our business. This was pure class and compassion. I genuinely miss seeing Luis as I start my day. He and the guys on site every day went out of their way to make my life easy throughout this process. Even though my project is over, I feel as though if I had a house related question I could call and they would have an answer. And a smile. At the end of the day, anyone who can make your project feel like their labor of love truly has a gift for this work. Creative Design Construction has a whole company of them. They have my highest recommendation!

 Evan S.

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