Our kitchen, after nearly 20 years of use and abuse, needed a renovation. We contacted several local companies and obtained their design proposals. From the very beginning, Glen and his team of designers were on point with their designs. We were given the opportunity to view three kitchens done by Creative Design. All three kitchens were functional, beautiful and tasteful – exactly what we were looking for. While we had our own ideas about what we wanted, Glen questioned us and even pressed a bit when he felt we might ultimately regret some choices we were considering. We’re pleased he pushed back because he ultimately persuaded us to make changes that brought the entire design to a higher level.

The attitude and culture at Creative Design is professional and respectful. From the top down, the employees were always kind, patient and willing to do what it takes to ensure our satisfaction. The “field guys” Jorge, Rob and Gary all seem to get along well and treat each other like family. They were a pleasure to have around. We also noticed how demanding they were of the subcontractors. They would never accept anything less than what our expectations were, and were even more critical because of their expertise.

Jorge, Rob and Gary are all extremely skilled in carpentry. Jorge, our project manager, is extremely knowledgeable about sound systems, doors, paint, lighting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC – the list is endless. The anticipation and coordination of the different elements that came into play was nothing short of outstanding. Glen was always available, coming to us on weekends and evenings to help with decisions and keep the project moving.

The Creative Design team works safely and cleanly. They placed temporary walls and zipper doors in entryways to ensure there was no dust or damage to areas outside the renovation. The team swept, vacuumed and moved their tools and machinery out of our way when they weren’t actively working. We appreciated that we didn’t have any additional worries with regard to safety when it came to this project.

We wholeheartedly recommend Creative Design for any renovation and intend to use them for our next project.


Ed & Karen R.

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