Dear Creative Design,

My wife and I moved into our home ten years ago. For nine of those years we talked about how we would renovate our outdated kitchen. What would our dream kitchen look like? What would our must haves be? Every so often we would pick a contractor’s brain, or surf the web for ideas about designs and cost. And in between, life happened. We tackled other lovely, but smaller house projects. Our son was born. Vacations were taken. One year ago we learned we were expecting our second child, a girl. We were so happy. We also became extremely motivated to finally tackle to biggest renovation we could think of. Our kitchen. Over the years and our many, many discussion, what we learned was we needed better organized space in our kitchen, and more of it. We assumed an addition on that side of the house was in order. So with our ideas and budget in mind we began to interview contractors. This is how we met Glen Lumia and his Team at Creative Design Construction, Inc. Glen and his designer walked into our home and he immediately began talking about ideas. Our ideas. His ideas. And how he thought we could get the most out of our budget. He said to us, “Sure we can build an addition, but that’s half your budget and I don’t think you need to. You’ve got a lot of space here. It’s just chopped up and laid out all wrong.” Rather than adding to the footprint of the house, Glen showed us what was possible working within our existing square footage. We worked together over weeks, looking at many different designs. The final plan included removing our powder room, a small hallway and closing up an unnecessary side door which almost doubled the square footage of our existing kitchen, building a large pass through from the kitchen into the dining room to open up the space even further, adding a new double window in the dining room where none existed before, and renovating our entire foyer giving us a new powder room off the foyer.

Every member of Glen’s team is a professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. We had a single dedicated designer, project manager, lead carpenter and crew assigned to our job. We saw these people every day. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Maria, Mike, Jorge and Gil. My wife works from home, and with her being very pregnant at the time demolition began, and then caring for our newborn daughter during the second half of construction, I was more than a little bit relieved to know exactly who would be in our home each day. Glen also hires excellent subs for the plumbing and electrical and flooring. They too were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

In the end, Glen and his Team worked with us every step of the way. From that first consultation all the way to the final walk through. Every member of the team is extremely accessible. I had everyone’s cell phone number and email address. Glen took each and every one of my phone calls and spent as much time as was needed talking me through every step of the project. They took all of our must haves and would likes into account and paired them with their collective expertise and design vision to create a space that we never even knew was possible. We feel like we live in a new home.

I give Glen Lumia and his entire Team at Creative Design Construction, Inc. my highest recommendation. Whatever your project is, I assure you they will treat you with the upmost professionalism, courtesy, generosity, and respect while delivering the highest quality craftsmanship. Do not hesitate. Call with confidence.


Dave S.

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