Dear Creative Design,

We have been living in our home, circa 1920, for 38 years and have done several remodeling and improvement projects over the years. But throughout these previous renovations, we always strive to maintain the character of the older style while bringing it up-to-date. We replaced the cabinets in our kitchen, 10’x13′, approximately 27 years ago but we have always wanted to improve the kitchen’s work space. Several years ago, we were able to watch the weekly progress of our friends’ expansive kitchen renovation being done by Creative Design. We were so impressed by what we saw.

When we finally decided to approach our own project, this past spring, we were fortunate to have Creative Design’s James Borenius as our kitchen designer. With his guidance and expertise we brought not only functionality, but remarkable classic style to our space. We determined that the kitchen would be demolished back to the wall studs and realigning walls and appliances. Aside from the smallness of the space, James had to work around the room’s archway to the dining room (which we wanted kept to maintain the charm of the house), a back door, a door into the family room, and a double window over the sink. The resulting plan makes the room appear much larger, with improved work flow and increased storage. Because of the space’s uniqueness and our choice, inset cherry custom cabinets were used, several with glass inserts and interior lighting. Having new red oak flooring in the kitchen, we decided to replace the old, worn oak flooring in the dining room and living room also. Throughout the project, we feel one of the primary factors leading to its success was the continual communication we had with him. We had regular meetings with follow-up emails to address all details, schedules, and questions we may have had. We continually had confidence in him from start to finish.

In addition to James, we were so extremely pleased with our head carpenter, Jorge Alarcon. Jorge had also worked on our friends’ renovation and we were well acquainted with his masterful skill and expertise, not only in carpentry, but all other aspects of the construction job. Dealing with an older home can often lead to a number of challenging situations, and Jorge handled all of ours superbly, making everything work as planned. He also was wonderful at keeping us informed of schedules and kept us involved with what was being done. Several things had to be determined on site after demolition and he and James discussed these things with us thoroughly. He and all of his co-workers showed so much consideration and care, cleaning up the work area at the end of each day. He is a credit to the perfection that Creative Design upholds.

Which brings us to these last several points. The additional craftsmen and contractors that worked on our project–the plumbers, electricians, tile installers, backsplash templater and installer, flooring specialists–were all excellent.

Also, communication is key to a successful outcome. We received weekly status reports from their office, outlining what had been done that week and what was still to be done. If we had any concerns or questions by either phone call or email, all were answered and addressed promptly and courteously. When delays occurred (and always out of their control) they tried so hard to keep things as close to schedule as possible. (Note: As a client, it is important that you also show preparedness, patience, and respect. It will help make the whole process much smoother!)

From our experience in our association with Glen Lumia, the owner, we feel that his attention to detail and quality workmanship and materials is what makes Creative Design synonymous with excellence. From looking at their beautiful photo gallery of projects, they have created many expansive, incredible rooms. What makes us so appreciative and impressed is that he and his team treated our smaller-sized kitchen renovation with the same attention and pride as any of their more extensive projects.

We thank them and are delighted with a dream kitchen that met and surpassed our hopes!

Warmest Regards,

Charlotte and Bernie G.

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