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After you have planned and designed your kitchen, now comes the fun part! Detailing the project and creating a budget for it. You will need to be extremely organized during this stage of the remodel. Follow the tips below to help keep your remodel organized, on budget, and on time.

  • Scope of work. A contractor will prepare a formal document of the scope of work, which will explain all of the work that is needed to complete the project. The more detail the document contains, the better the accuracy.
  • Updating plumbing. If you change the entire layout of your kitchen, you will need to account for plumbing changes. Changing the location of the sink, adding a sink, or moving the dishwasher will require the assistance of a plumber. Do not attempt to do that yourself.
  • Creating an electrical plan. Sometimes, your architect or designer will spend time discussing an electrical plan with you. If you are adding new fixtures, lighting layouts, and appliance locations to your kitchen, your electrician cost will increase. On the other hand, if you are replacing old lighting fixtures, the cost of the electrician will be relatively low.
  • Cabinet design. If you are not switching up the layout of your kitchen, a simple coat of paint to freshen up your cabinets should be all the work you need to complete. However, if you are changing the entire design and layout of your kitchen, you will most likely need new cabinets. Be sure to account for cabinets in your scope of work.

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