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Sight Seeing
A New Jersey couple now enjoys Old-World Europe from the comfort of their master bath
By Stephanie Herzfeld

Looking at the sophisticated layout and elegant materials, it’s hard to believe that this beautiful bath was ever anything but. Yet such was the case when Glen Lumia, president of Creative Design Construction and Remodeling, first set eyes on it. Belonging to a professional couple in Ridgewood, NJ, the space was outdated and gaudy (picture pink patterned wallpaper and you start to get the idea), and in desperate need of a makeover. Fortunately for the doctor and his wife, Lumia was raring to remodel and had a host of inspirations to share with his clients at his showroom to breathe new life into this master bath.

Very visual by nature, Lumia’s clients came in with open minds as to how to transform their space, but needed a bit of direction in developing a design theme. “They gave us free rein,” said Lumia. “The only caveat was that we have to achieve an upscale result that would be functional and attractive and later improve the home’s resale value.” To that end, a design consultant at Lumia’s firm created a hand rendering of what the bath might look like based on the materials and products the clients gravitated toward in the showroom, bringing all the possibilities together. “Many features of this project were pulled from different areas of our showroom,” Lumia explained. As it became apparent that the couple was attracted to a more traditional Old-World style, Lumia and his staff developed different design details to round out the European-inspired theme.

Chief among those details are the trompe l’oeil murals surrounding the tub and a cloud-painted ceiling that conveys a rich, “outdoor” feeling, Lumia noted. Both serve to visually enlarge the roughly 13-ft. x 9-ft. footprint and impart an atmosphere reminiscent of a quaint European village. The wall and ceiling artwork can be enjoyed from all parts of the bathroom, including the glass-clad shower adjacent to the tub and a catty-corner vanity area. Columns flanking the mural on the far side of the tub create “the illusion of supporting the elliptical detailing above,” Lumia noted, and underscore the concept of a European countryside as observed from an opulent, estate-like retreat. “The framed murals really give the effect of windows overlooking a spectacular view,” he added.

Rich materials, such as stone flooring, an onyx tub deck, ornate gold-toned fittings and fixtures (particularly the swan-shaped tub filler), further accentuate the theme of luxe living abroad. In addition, vintage sconces and a dazzling chandelier, suspended in the center of the space, were procured from local antique shops to complement and work in tandem with furniture-inspired bath cabinetry. The cabinetry, a highlight in and of its own right, features grillwork-like wire inserts that were specifically selected for their Old-World appeal.

Not surprisingly, Lumia and his clients love the resulting bath. “I get great satisfaction when my clients truly fall in love with their space,” he said. On that note, the only problem that the doctor and his wife have with their refurbished bathroom is that it’s not for prying eyes. Although it would be nice to share a taste of Europe with family and ¬†friends, the homeowners told Lumia, visitors don’t regularly get to see the private master suite. “They told me they wished they could show off the space more,” Lumia said. “Since it is the master bathroom, showing it off is a bit difficult.” One never knows though-we all think the kitchen is the heart of the home, but with a bath like this, perhaps the master suite is the next frontier in entertaining at home.

Designers/Contractor: Creative Design Construction and Remodeling, Northvale, NJ;

Manufacturers: Faucets, tub and sink: Kohler; Tub filler: St Petersburg; Toilet: TOTO USA; Vanity cabinets; Decora; Decorative molding and millwork: Enkeboll, White River Hardwoods Photography: ©Peter Rymwid Photography

Designed for a professional couple in Ridgewood, NJ, this master bathroom draws inspiration from Old-World Europe. In the vanity area (left and bottom left), gold-toned fittings combine with furniture-style cabinets to establish an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. The cabinets are outfitted with wire inserts for extra vintage appeal. On the walls adjacent to the tub, trompe l’oeil murals, a swan-shaped tub filler and decorative columns (bottom right) further reinforce the theme.

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