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So you’re planning to remodel your bathroom – updating the look, adding some value, more functionality, maybe more storage and amenities. Sounds simple enough?

The scope of your project will depend upon a variety of factors. Of course, the big one is your budget. You should also consider how long you’ve been in your home, and how long you plan to stay.  Remodeling a bathroom from the 90’s will be a completely different task than overhauling a 1920’s bathroom.

Mid-to-Upper Range Bathroom Remodel

$10,000 to $35,000

Location, materials, cost of labor, and project scope play a role in how much the remodel will cost. For example, the average bathroom remodel in New York will cost just over $32,000, while in Mississippi it is just under $14,000.

You can also make a few more adjustment with respect to your bathroom layout. For example you could swap in a slightly smaller bathtub for a larger shower, or relocate a sink.

Countertops: A custom piece of granite, marble, or quartz

Cabinets: Semi-custom pieces with higher-end finishes, glazed instead of just stained, and decorative details like cabinet legs or intricate door panels.

Plumbing: Moderate adjustments can be made to the plumbing at this level, like moving the faucets or shower, however the toilet will likely need to remain in the original spot.

Fixtures: Fixtures with higher quality copper or bronze inside will last longer and are available.

Tile: You can upgrade to porcelain, which is more durable than ceramic and is also slip resistant. This will also afford you more size, color, and design options. You can also have the option of doing more interesting borders and accent tiles.

Walls: Add a real bead-board, or use your creativity with some different materials.

Who to Hire: You will likely need a team that includes a designer, plumber, tiler, painter, and other specialists that are not typically done by the average self-remodeler.

The Deluxe Bathroom Remodel

$30,000 – $100,000

This would be considered a “Full Gut Job.” Toilets, showers, sink, and vanities can be re-arranged and even adjacent rooms can be accessed to add space.

Cabinetry: Solid wood construction with custom finishes is available.

Tile: Granite, limestone, or natural marble are all more labor intensive and difficult to cut.

Plumbing: Use of high-end finishes and parts.

Amenities: Saunas, steam showers, and radiant floor heating can be integrated into the design.

Who to Hire: Depending upon the scope of your project, you may need an architect to ensure you footprint is properly engineered. A variety of subcontractors would also be possible, from masons, tile layers, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. For this size project, it’s a good idea to hire a General Contractor with some experience in handling such a large endeavor.

A deluxe bath remodel is good fit if you have the funds, as you are getting the bathroom you really want. If you’re planning to stay put for some time, putting this type of money back into your house will make it more enjoyable for you.

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