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Are you constantly dreaming about a home that isn’t cluttered, a morning routine that isn’t hectic, and a space to relax in or hang out with your family? A home addition might be the answer for you. No matter if you are just starting to think about adding onto your home or you’ve been dreaming about it for months, here are some questions to ask yourself prior to starting the project.

  1. How would you build your dream house? No house is perfectly the way you imagined it, if you didn’t build it yourself. Building an addition to your home allows you to create a space the way you’ve pictured.
  2. Will the project add value to your home? Always consider the resale value of your home, even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell it. Additions are very expensive, however, they could provide some value to your home.
  3. Could you receive the benefits at a lower-cost? If adding onto your house proves to be too expensive, there are other options. Sometimes all it takes is reimagining a space or finishing an attic or basement to create the extra space you need.
  4. Are there zoning restrictions? Before building an addition, you need to research zoning restrictions. Most towns have restrictions as to how far and high your building can be. Be sure to check the requirements before getting too invested in your dream home.
  5. How will the extra space tie into the house? You don’t want your addition to stick out like a sore thumb. Adding space to a home needs to look like it fits in with the general style of the home.

Creative Design Construction & Remodeling knows that homeowners want to receive the highest return on their investment with an addition. We have been designing and building homes since 1988 and are capable of taking on your project. Need help answering any of the above questions, contact us and we can assist you!

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